Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Weed Church of Christ :: January Update

Happy New Year Friends and Family,

Weed, CA is treating us well and we are excited to share with you some of what God is doing here.

The Redelsperger Family
Since we moved to Weed this summer, we have spent time making connections in the community through soccer, school, Monday night football, Taekwando and our first ever neighborhood Christmas pageant (for pictures check out the Weed Church of Christ Facebook page!).
Our church is growing as the Lord brings increase. The Christmas pageant we put on was very sweet. Seven children from the neighborhood performed “The Big Story” from creation to the birth of our Savior. There were friends and family members in the audience that had never stepped foot in this church building before. It was a beautiful performance, with great fellowship afterwards.
Our College Students

Sunday gatherings have grown from about 5 to an average of 20 people. There are college students who join us weekly for dinner, laundry, and Monday night football. Our home frequently has neighborhood kids hanging out and playing.  Aaron’s connections at school have brought about many good conversations and a few visitors at church already.

Sunday Morning Gathering
Please continue to pray for our work here. Without your prayerful support we would not be able to do all that we do.  If you are traveling along Interstate 5 please stop by for a visit!
Stay in touch this year, and keep drawing near the cross.